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Save-A-Lot store opening in April to replenish ‘food desert’ in south Raleigh

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Triangle Business Journal Reports new Variety Wholesale owned store opening March 10, 2015: Triangle Business Journal: Real Estate Inc. By Amanda Jones Hoyle The owner of the Roses discount store chain has set an April 1 opening date for its first Save-A-Lot grocery store location in a section of Raleigh declared as a “food desert” by a federal report due to its lack of grocery options for neighboring residents. The Save-A-Lot store will share a building with a Roses discount store that opened in January. Former state budget director Art Pope, who is also chairman and CEO of Henderson-based Variety Wholesalers, stated in a news release that his family-owned company is “committed to building stores in areas that need access to fresh, nutritious food at great prices.” Variety Wholesalers is the parent company of Roses, and it is partnering with Save-A-Lot as a franchise owner of the national discount grocery brand to open the Raleigh location. Pope says both stores will also be staffed mostly by residents from the surrounding southeast Raleigh neighborhoods. The Roses employs 76 people, and the Save-A-Lot will employ about 25 people. Kroger closed its grocery location in the 60,000-square-foot building at 1610 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard two years ago.Variety Wholesalers bought the building for $2.7 million in July. The area around the building had been classified as a “food desert,” according to USDA guidelines, because of the number of low-income population around it who live more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store. Read the article at Triangle Business Journal here:
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Pope Offers Thoughts on UNC System on TWC’s Capital Tonight

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  January 22 — On Time Warner Cable News this week, Art Pope sat down with Capital Tonight host Tim Boyum to discuss the future of the university system in North Carolina. The episode which aired on January 20, is online in its entirety.  Move to the seven minute mark to catch the segment with Art Pope:–20–former-state-budget-director-art-pope.html Art Pope on Capital Tonight   Capital Tonight is a program of Time Warner cable news, airing across the state of North Carolina and featuring a mix of analysis, interviews and news.
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Pope Exposed: News & Observer Columnist Covers ‘The Giving Side of Art Pope’

On December 23, 2014,  News & Observer columnist Barry Saunders wrote about Art Pope, the philanthropist, and his work with the Pope Foundation.  The column appears below and can be read online at: Saunders: The giving side of Art Pope BY BARRY SAUNDERS Ah, man. It would be the social event of the season – nay, of the millennium – but alas, it’ll never happen, cap’n. They wouldn’t even have to pay me to cover a wang dang doodle attended by people from all of the groups that get money from the J.W. Pope Foundation: just being there and seeing those in tuxes and tatters mingling would be payment a’plenty. Since 1986, the beau monde and thedemimonde – that’s the high-class swells who dine at white-linen establishments and the struggling soup-kitchen mavens who do what they have to to survive – have benefited from the altruistic contributions of the organization headed by Art Pope. Yes, that Art Pope. Pope, the current chairman and president of the Pope Foundation and Variety Wholesalers Inc., is the most polarizing person in state politics – and he’s not even in politics. Depending upon on which side of the aisle one stands, Pope is a selfless patriot or a reactionary zealot who at best is indifferent to the poor. While serving as Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget director, Pope was thought by many to be the state’s real chief executive, earning the sobriquet “Pope Art” and “knight of the right.” I always doubted that Pope was controlling state government, because much of it has been so dysfunctional that it would be hard to find Pope’s imprint on it. It’s not hard to find it on Step Up Ministry, though. Steve Swayne, CEO of the nonprofit jobs and life skills training program, said the $25,000 his organization received from the Pope Foundation “will help us place 30 people in jobs. … Many of these people have been in the criminal justice system, over half of them have been homeless.” It has placed 554 in jobs this year. Whenever I’ve sought comments from Pope in the past, it was about some political move that had infuriated half of the populace and delighted others. That’s why when I called and left a message last week, I hurried up and let his office know that I come in peace, in recognition of the Christmas season. Philanthropic father When I reached him by phone, he explained that his father, John W. Pope, had long been philanthropic. “My parents gave directly … and the company gave to local charities in the areas where we had employees. … When I joined the family business in 1986, he wanted to channel the family and company charitable giving through a foundation. One of the first tasks he assigned to me was to form this Pope Foundation.” Pope said the group’s local humanitarian giving is centered in Wake, Vance and Harnett counties. “That’s where our family is from, where the company is from, where most of our employees are. Mainly, it’s a geographic criteria. … We have a board of directors – originally, it was just me sitting down with my father reviewing the grant requests. In the last six or seven years, we’ve gotten more professional, a staff with grant officers – not many: we only have two people on the payroll. I’m not on the payroll, by the way. “They review and recommend the grantees, and we present it to the board of directors and the board approves it,” he said. Just reading the list of the groups that received almost $2 million in December is enough to set the mind a-racing at the thought of seeing them all coming together. In addition to Step Up Ministry, groups as disparate as the N.C. Symphony, N.C. Museum of Art, Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program, Carolina Ballet, Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen, Safe Haven for Cats, and the Food Banks of Central and Eastern North Carolina all received grants from the foundation. Pope, in a news release, said, “The old ‘give a man a fish’ parable is that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but that if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. We believe in doing both.” That’s cool, but too many people don’t consider that, for a man to fish, he at least needs a pole. And a lake.      
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Art Pope Steps Down as State Budget Director

On August 6, 2014, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory announced that Art Pope will step down as state budget director.  Pope served as state budget director since January 2013, staying on for one additional year at the governor’s request. Press Release from the Governor’s Office: Governor Introduces New State Budget Director – August 6, 2014 Raleigh, N.C. – Governor Pat McCrory announced today that Art Pope will step down as state budget director. Pope, who has served as budget director since January 2013, will return to the private sector. “Art Pope has been an invaluable public servant for the people of North Carolina,” Governor McCrory said. “His knowledge and leadership helped produce historic tax reform while producing two balanced budgets that put North Carolina back on the road to prosperity. He has dedicated much of his life to the betterment of North Carolina and it has been a privilege to have him at my side.” Pope’s public service began in 1985 as Special Counsel for Governor Jim Martin. He was later appointed the State Goals and Policy Board, which was given the task of evaluating balancing the state’s capital needs for public school facilities, prisons and road construction. Pope previously served in North Carolina House for more than 7 years. As a legislator, Pope served on both the Finance and Appropriations committees, where was one the primary sponsors of legislation to create the state’s “Rainy Day Fund.” Governor McCrory announced that Lee H. Roberts will succeed Pope as the state’s new budget director. “Lee has a terrific sense of fiscal sensibility and responsibility, and I’m excited to have him join our team,” said Governor McCrory. “North Carolina state government will thrive under his oversight. His experience in the global marketplace will provide a useful and original perspective, and his leadership skills will further our administration’s goal of thoughtful, deliberate stewardship of taxpayer dollars.” Roberts has extensive experience in financial management. He recently served as managing director of Piedmont Community Bank Holdings in Raleigh. He was the executive vice president and chief operating officer of VantageSouth Bancshares, a bank holding company. He also founded a real estate investment and advisory firm, Coley Capital, LLC. He has worked for Morgan Stanley & Co., Cherokee Investment Partners and as an associate with Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld LLP. Roberts received his undergraduate degree in political science from Duke University. He graduated cum laude from Georgetown University, where he received his J.D. Governor McCrory appointed Roberts to the North Carolina Banking Commission in 2013. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Ravenscroft School, is the vice president of the Duke Alumni Association and is involved in many other area organizations.
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